Made for you.

CoBeats is used by thousands of students, designers, researchers and teams, to make sense of their web data.





Clips: Everything. Really.

Bookmark pages, Upload your files and screenshots, keep your favourite movies, songs, books and TV shows and ofcourse, keep your text notes.

Upload file or add from Dropbox or Google Drive.

Find books, songs, movies and TV shows.

Use rich text editor to edit text notes.

Collaboration: Finely tuned, Deliciously open.

Share your folders with your friends, family, team and/or aliens. Make them public for the greater good.

Share folder with your team to collaborate.

Make folders public to share with a global community.

Follow a friend or just a folder.

Clips from followed person/folder shows in feed.

Organisation: Powerful, not overpowering.

Every thing is saved in your private Inbox. You can move them or add new clips to Private or Shared folder. Tag clips to organize with context.

Create unlimited folders.

Organise clips with tags.

Loved by teams and individuals.

"It’s easy to think of it as a mashup between Evernote and Basecamp — users can clip information and media from the web or add their own, share it with groups."

Abhimanyu Ghoshal, Managing Editor, The Next Web

"It's a breeze once you start adding links, uploading files and tagging. At UNESCO MGIEP, we use CoBeats to share articles, files, documents with our internal & external stakeholders."

Akriti Mehra, Communications Specialist, UNESCO MGIEP

"I use this product daily. ♥️ it's simplicity.
I use CoBeats for clipping all images and articles that are trending in design industry."

Valeria Rastorgueva, Membership Sales, The Quorum

Our promise.

We built CoBeats for people like us that need a safe place online to keep their web things. To make sure this place stays like this here are some promises we make: